July is World Watercolor Month

July 2, 2019 — Paintings contribute to the beauty of homes, offices, and business establishments. If you have the desire to paint, you should try to develop your skill. Whether you’re an adult, teenager, or a kid, learning how to paint is not that difficult especially if you put your heart into it. While you’re trying to find a... Read More

Homecoming: Serving the Community for 54 Years

July 2, 2019 — Resident Mary A. spending time with her friends in the activities room, sporting her beautiful hat! Resident Suzanne S. displaying all the jewelry that they have made. It was a very successful and well loved activity! Our Jewelry specialist, Gertha E., helping her fellow residents with their jewelry making.

6 Tips for Caregiver Self-Care

July 2, 2019 — Watch Out for Stress: If you notice yourself snapping at loved ones unintentionally or forgetting everyday task, it could be a sign of stress. Create a plan of action to improve or resolve the stressors you can control, and try to forget the rest. Be Aware of the Signs of Depression: If you are experiencing... Read More

Resident and Employee of the Month: A Beautiful Friendship

July 2, 2019 — In July we have decided not only to celebrate Resident and Employee of the month, but also to use this as an opportunity to celebrate an amazing friendship that has blossomed in our facility. We have been aware for a long time that our therapy team here at Franklin-Simpson goes above and beyond the call... Read More

Local News

July 2, 2019 — Goodnight Memorial Library Kicked off their summer reading program by having Zookeepers from Kentucky Down Under bring in animals for the children to meet and play with. The staff of Goodnight Memorial spoke on their determination to continue children in the community to read and follow their dreams through exploring literature, even while their building... Read More

Activity Highlights and Movie Schedule

July 2, 2019 — Activity Highlights July 4th, 1:00 PM Independence Day Carnival July 8th, 10:00 AM August Newsletter Meeting July 11th, 4:30 PM Outdoor Social July 26th, 3:00 PM Resident Council Meeting July 29th, 2:00 PM Ice Cream Social Movie Schedule for July July 2nd: Dumb & Dumber July 3rd: The Lil’ Rascals July 7th: Willy Wonka &... Read More

Notes from Our Residents and Family

June 6, 2019 — “To all the C.N.A’s: thank you so much for making my stay here so much easier. Y’all are great. Thank you to the nurses, too. Y’all do so much for us” – Mary A. “Thanks, Amy, for everything. Thanks to all the nurses and aids on B-wing for taking care of my mother.” – Gerry... Read More

Employee of the Month: Jessica

June 6, 2019 — The Employee of the Month for the month of June is Jessica Brewer! Jessica is a Certified Nursing Assistant who has been with us for over a year. She is a fun-loving, extremely caring, diligent worker and June is her turn in the spotlight! Jessica is also known for taking new Nursing Assistants under her... Read More

Resident of the Month: Anita W.

June 6, 2019 — Our “Featured Resident of the Month” is Anita W. During her time here with us at Franklin-Simpson Nursing and Rehabilitation, she has been a continuous ray of sunshine in the lives of both her fellow residents and our staff. She recently was the recipient of “The Sweetheart Award”, which was given to her at our... Read More

Activity Highlights

June 6, 2019 — June 16th- We will be having a “Father’s Day Social” at 10:30 AM to celebrate all of the wonderful Dads in our facility and their families! June 21st- Resident Council Meeting at 3:00 PM We will be hosting “Dancing with Therapy” every Thursday in the month of June at 10:00AM in the front lobby! We... Read More