Therapy Success Story

July 31, 2020 — Jennifer B. is our short term therapy success story. She came to us for short term rehab. Our team worked with her to increase her strength and endurance. She reached her goals very quickly and was able to discharge home.

Employee pf the Month: Jasmine Blackburn

July 31, 2020 — Jasmine is apart of our Housekeeping staff. She does an excellent job of keeping our facility clean. Although she’s only been with the facility a few months, she’s known for doing a thorough job. Thank you, Jasmine!

Happy Birthday and a Warm Welcome!

July 31, 2020 — Happy Birthday! Residents Walter C. 8/4 Mary B. 8/8 Barbara M. 8/24 Staff Jasmine Bass – Social Services Director 8/9 Renee Hawkins- ADON 8/10 Tammy Perry – LPN 8/24 Jeff Saling – Activities Director 8/26 Welcome New Residents Welcome to the facility, Judy K, and Walter C.!

Special Events

July 31, 2020 — 8/2 National Friendship day 8/8 National Cat day 8/9 National Book Lovers day 8/24 National Waffle day 8/26 Women’s Equality day 8/31 National Heroes day

Purple Heart Day – August 7

July 31, 2020 — Most American adults have heard of the Purple Heart Award, or even know a veteran who has received it, but what is the origin of this distinguished honor? On August 7, 1782, President George Washington decided on a symbolic honor for three soldiers he originally called the “Badge of Merit.” After this inaugural honor was... Read More

Employee Of The Month: Sheila Jahn

July 4, 2020 — Sheila has been employed as a Cook at FSNR for 4 years. Sheila loves cooking up things that the resident’s enjoy. When she’s not at work, she enjoys painting. Thank you, Sheila for all you do for our residents!

Therapy Success Story

July 4, 2020 — Annie R. is our therapy success story for July. Annie is walking with a rolling-walker, she loves working with therapy and stays active. She’s often seen knocking on the Therapy Department’s door asking to do more therapy. We love her determination! Way to go, Annie!

Resident Of The Month: Kenneth

July 4, 2020 — Kenneth has been at FSNR for a year. His nickname is “Smiley” b/c he can always be caught with a grin on his face. His hobbies include throwing horseshoes and spending time with his eight grandkids.

Happy Birthday!

July 4, 2020 — Residents Elsie W. July 2nd Sarah B. July 7th Denton S. July 20th Margaret L. July 21st Melissa C. July 25th Kathleen N. July 27th Barbara W. July 30th Staff Julianne Owen, July 20th Medical Records Jennifer Johnson, July 25th ST/DOR Welcome New Residents Welcome Abra H. We’re happy to have him join our FSNR... Read More