Recognizing Our Amazing Nurses! National Nurses Week: May 6-12

May 6, 2020 — National Nurses Week is a wonderful opportunity to honor the “Mother of Nursing,” Florence Nightingale, and all the dedicated, compassionate nurses who have followed in her footsteps. Florence was a British citizen and social reformer. In 1854, she and a group of nurses provided care to wounded soldiers during the Crimean War. After the war... Read More

Tell A Story Day is April 27 – Steps to Write Your Own Story

April 3, 2020 — Writing a story, whether a short story or a novel, is similar to building a house. You must first start with a foundation. This is, of course, the idea stage. What story do you want to tell? Once you have set up your foundation, you will need to draft an outline. Jot down your thoughts... Read More

Three Ways to Become a Super Person

April 3, 2020 — Have you seen the billboard with Christopher Reeve with the caption “Superman” underneath it? You might remember him for his timeless portrayal of Superman, but did you know after a life-changing accident, he led a tireless crusade on behalf of the disabled? Here are some of the qualities that made him so strong on and... Read More

April is National Occupational Therapy Month

April 3, 2020 — Since 1980, the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has celebrated National Occupational Therapy Month and the 213,000 occupational therapists, occupational therapy assistants, and students who work nationwide to create fuller lives for clients and their families. Occupational therapy practitioners enable people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health,... Read More

Stress Awareness Month: Keep Stress to a Minimum

April 3, 2020 — Learning to cope with stress is important for all of us. Here are a few ways to relieve stress. Organize and clean your home and workspace. Place everything in a designated place and label it, so you will be able to find items when you are looking for them. This is a great way to... Read More

Find Fulfillment in Volunteering

April 3, 2020 — Volunteering is an incredibly fulfilling activity and can give new meaning to our lives. Perhaps this is one of the reasons so many retirees find such great joy in volunteering. When we leave a career, we sometimes need to find a new focus or passion in life. Having a sense of meaning and purpose is... Read More

Employee Of The Month: Sandra E.

March 3, 2020 — Our employee of the month is Sandra Emberton. Sandra is our MDS Coordinator. She joined our team four months ago, and she brings with her a plethora of nursing experience. She is a go-getter with excellent leadership skills and an eye for detail when it comes to care-plans and reimbursements. When Sandra isn’t at work,... Read More

Resident of the Month: Tammy W.

March 3, 2020 — Our resident of the month is Tammy W. Tammy has been a part of the FSNR family  for several years. She enjoys reading and socializing. Her favorite color is blue, and her favorite food is ham or turkey.

Happy Birthday and Welcome!

March 3, 2020 — Happy Birthday Residents! John D. 3/01 M. N. 3/09 Floyd B.  3/11 Margaret C. 3/16 Elvin A. 3/20 Mary D. 3/27 Lattie P. 3/27 David P. 3/30 Happy Birthday Staff! John K. 3/08 Ashley L. 3/13 Charlotte C. 3/17 Welcome New Residents Since our last newsletter, Franklin Simpson Nursing & Rehab has welcomed the following... Read More

Special Events for the Upcoming Month

March 3, 2020 — 3/01 – Namesake Day 3/03 – National Caregiver Appreciation Day 3/06 – Dentist’s Day 3/08 – International Women’s Day 3/12 – Girl Scout’s Day/ Plant a Flower Day/Popcorn Lover’s Day 3/13 – Blame Someone Else Day/ Friday the 13th 3/14 – Butterflies Day/National Potato Chip Day/National Pi Day 3/15 – Ides Of March 3/17 –... Read More