Welcome, Mrs. Phylis Bartley!

Franklin-Simpson nurse Phylis Bartley pictured

Please help us welcome in Franklin-Simpson Nursing & Rehab’s new Assistant Director of Nursing Phylis Bartley!

Mrs. Phyliss Bartley has been a Nurse for over 10 years and before being a Nurse she was a respiratory therapist for 20 years! A WKU graduate who started her journey as a Nurse Phylis has traveled to multiple states to grow and learn as a skilled registered nurse which has made her into the excellent nurse here today! Phylis’s interest in geriatrics has been due to her experience in intensive care and she wants the geriatric field to be the change for her so she can focus more 1-on-1 with her patients to provide quality intensive care. Outside of Nursing Phylis and her Husband are volunteers with Rubicon conducting searches and rescues! Phylis also loves going out on her and her Husband Jeff Bartley’s boat on Lakes! Phyliss has two kids, a daughter who is a Bank executive and a son has followed in the steps of his mother and is in nursing school!

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