Resident of the Month: Mary O.

We are so excited to be able to use the month of August as an opportunity to celebrate one of our most lively and loving residents, Ms. Mary O. Ms. Mary has been a resident here at Franklin-Simpson Nursing and Rehab for many years and has made a habit of being ‘the life of the party’. On any given day, Ms. Mary can be seen participating in almost every activity, whether it be Dancing with Therapy or an Ice Cream Social. She is not afraid to bust a move at any moment, because as she’ll let you know, she’s often ‘all shook up’. She does such a wonderful job of not only cheering up all the residents around her, but more often than not, bringing a huge smile to our staff and visitors. She is also one of the first to let our staff know that they are doing a good job and refers to many of our staff as ‘handsome man’ or “pretty lady”. We are so grateful to have such an encouraging and playful soul as one of our residents, and we count ourselves blessed to witness Ms. Mary dancing her way through her day to day.

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