National Days

9/12- National Grandparents Day- This is a day to honor all Grandparents.

9/15- National Felt Hat Day- We will be celebrating this day by making hats for our arts & crafts activity.

9/16- National Play-Doh DayOur activity will feature Play-Doh on this day.

9/18- National HIV and Aging Awareness Day- Every year on September 18th, attention is brought to the growing number of individuals who are aging with HIV, ways in which HIV can be prevented and treatment options available. HIV is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. There is currently no cure for HIV. However, it can be controlled with proper HIV treatment. According to the Center of Disease Control, in 2018 more than half of HIV cases in the United States were aged 50 and over. Therefore, it is highly important for older people to be educated about HIV and to understand stigmas associated with HIV. Please refer to for more information.

9/25- National One-Hit Wonder Day- We will celebrate by listening and singing along to many of the One-Hit Wonders.

9/27- National Family Day- This is a day to celebrate and honor family.

9/29- National Coffee Day- We will host an activity for our residents to sample different flavors of coffee.

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