Happy Birthday Wishes and a Warm Welcome!

party balloons and ribbon

Happy Birthday Residents!
Nancy P. 10/3
Martha B. 10/5
Ronald P. 10/6
Ortwin M. 10/10
Robert B. 10/13
Mary H. 10/14
Anita W. 10/22
Shirley S. 10/23
Suzanne S. 10/24
David P. 10/25
Robert W. 10/25
Fred A. 10/30

Happy Birthday Staff!
Sierra Deweese, CNA 10/3
Dawn Rust, Central Supply 10/4
Kathy Johnson, BOM 10/11
Jessica Botkin, Activities Assistant/CNA 10/31

Welcome New Residents
Welcome to the facility, Ortwin Moeckle, and Fred Austin!

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