Getting To Know Our Residents

Melissa C. – Melissa is a friendly lady who loves to get her hair and makeup done. Her favorite movie is “Titanic”. She loves dogs, music and the cartoon “Scooby Doo”

Shirley C. – Shirley enjoys watching the cartoon “Howdy Doody”. She also likes the movie “Coat of Many Colors” as it stars one of her favorite celebrities, Dolly Parton. Her favorite pastime activity is spending time with her children.

Bonnie S. – Since February is Cupid’s month, Bonnie wanted to tell us about one of her greatest loves. To respect his privacy, she opted to keep his name a secret. But you can see her face light up when she talks about the summer she met this fine fellow while planting tobacco on a family friend’s farm. He was there planting tobacco too. They spent many long, hot, summer days together trying to make a dollar. Although, she says, from the looks of him, he had plenty of dollars already. She said he drove a fast, fancy car and always looked sharp. He matched his outfits to his car. She says he was the most well dressed man she’s ever met, and they enjoyed listening to his favorite hip hop duo, OutKast on the radio. They established a deep connection, that turned into a friendship and life-long bond. While they never “officially” dated, she says he made the greatest impact on her life, and they never lost contact after that summer.

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