8 Ways To Reuse Holiday Wrapping Paper

Christmas gift wrap in a box
  1. Cut out snowmen, snowflakes, bells, or ornament shapes. Glue the shapes on card. Add a string and hang them as seasonal decorations.
  2. Fold wrapping paper lengthwise. Cut out the shape of a tree, where the edges are touching the folds. Unfold the paper to reveal a chain of fancy trees.
  3. Cut out abstract shapes and use glue to collage them together on pieces of construction paper. Use them as placemats at a holiday dinner.
  4. Cut wrapping paper into strips. Make them into links by stapling or gluing each link to the next and create a chain to decorate a mantel or dresser.
  5. Collage a 1.5″ x 8″ piece of cardboard with small pieces of wrapping paper to make a nice bookmark. Keep it yourself or give it to a loved one.
  6. Collage a plain picture frame with small pieces of wrapping paper to make it festive. Cut out or write a phrase like: “Peace • Love • Joy” or “Spreading Cheer” or “Holiday Memories.”
  7. Fill the cardboard centers of paper towel rolls with wrapped candy, inspirational sayings, and small trinkets. Then wrap with gift paper and tie the end with string. Give them to family or friends to pull open and celebrate.
  8. Cut out festive shapes or images from the wrapping paper and glue it a piece of 10″ x 5″ cardstock paper folded in half to make your own greeting card.
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