Local News

Goodnight Memorial Library Kicked off their summer reading program by having Zookeepers from Kentucky Down Under bring in animals for the children to meet and play with. The staff of Goodnight Memorial spoke on their determination to continue children in the community to read and follow their dreams through exploring literature, even while their building is under construction. They thank the community for their continued support during this time.

The Fire and Rescue team was called on June 6th to save a calf from a sink hole that had opened on the Kepley Family Farm. They were able to safely lift the calf from the hole, and when questioned the Fire Chief stated he did not believe the calf had been in the hole for very long. Fire and Rescue would like to remind the community to please contact them first in any similar situations so that everyone involved can remain safe.

Carlton Hogan, the Maintenance Supervisor at the Housing Authority of Franklin, was given the Maintenance Person of the Year award by the Kentucky Housing Association. We are beyond blessed to have him as a member of our community!

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